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Last month I attended Inspire Photo Retreats in Portland. It was two days of intensive learning and soul searching that seriously rocked my world. I just now feel like I’m starting to come out from behind the fog of the retreat and be able to take some action steps.

My favorite session that I attended was titled “Photographing Children” hosted by the fabulous Jane Ammon from Pennsylvania. I spent most of Jane’s session scribbling away like a madwoman in my notebook as her words filled me with ideas for bettering my own sessions with kids. But one thing that Jane said stood out more than anything, and today I want to share her message with you.

I often talk about printing your images, getting them on your walls, in albums and in frames. Sometimes I worry that my purpose for doing so gets lost. It’s not about the sale to me, it’s about the personal value of having your memories in print, and not just in the deep dark electronic hole called a folder on your computer, where nobody ever looks. I’ve talked in the past about the value of an album, and I feel the same way about prints. But I’d never thought of it the way Jane put it in her session when she said:

“Let you children know they are worthy of beingĀ on your walls.”

Woah. I took a second to let that one sink in. And it makes so much sense to me. We hang our children’s artwork, their stories, the silly things they make at school. But how many of us plaster our homes with our kid’s faces – most likely our most favorite thing to look at in the world?

I recently started to hang images of our own family sessions on our walls. Many thanks to Becca Wood Photography for these memories, and to my neighbors for the very cool wooden frame!


Not only do these printsĀ make me smile every time I look at them, but following Jane’s session, I am thrilled to know they also give my daughter the confidence to know she is important enough to be on our walls. And there’s nothing like having company visit and comment on the photos, and then hearing Molly talk about that day at the beach with mom, dad, Becca, and the pretty shirt she got to wear.


Thank you Jane for your piece of perspective and for inspiring me at Inspire!


Because I feel so strongly about the value of having printed images in your home, I’m giving away one $100 print credit to be used following your 2015 photo session with moi! All you need to do is leave a comment either telling me how you display your images in your home, or why you think prints are an important part of your photo session experience! Comment by Thursday, March 12th at 11:59pm Eastern time and I’ll pick a winner on Friday morning. Good luck!


i love taking pictures of my girls, we have a whole wall in our dining room filled with photos all different sizes. I will admit that most are a year or more old, would love to have some new pictures to add to our collection!

We have two great big portrait of the kiddos in our living room. 11×14 each, that you took this year. every person that comes into our home comments on them! our naughty elf on the shelf however, decorated/defaced their photos this christmas. our boy had a major meltdown, and to him, this was no ok!! obviously he loves his picture just the way it is!

We’ve begun hanging images of our kids on the wall headed up our stairs, where we all walk past several times a day, and guests can see as they enter our home. It is a big wall, so I know we’ll be able to add more family portraits and it can grow over time.

We had some photos taken this past summer of shane, ian, and i in ogunquit. i wanted a great photo for our christmas card, but i got so much more. I loved them so much (thanks patrick mcnamara!) that i printed three large photos on foam board to hang on my living room wall. ian loves to point at the photos and tell me who is in them. “Daddy! mumma! Meeeee! Meeeee!”

I’d love to rope my sister into having a photo session with her girls and my son. I know having photos of your family is an investment, and many people today just dont have the funds to make that investment. it’s something i believe in! i have enjoyed making an album each of ian’s 2 years from the photos i take. print is not dead!!!!!

Proud of all you are accomplishing, kristina!


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