The T Family {Reid State Park} | Georgetown Maine Family Photographer

It’s funny – usually when I hit five sessions with a family it kind of blows my mind because I can’t believe how quickly time has gone. And while yes, time has gone quickly since I first started photographing the T Family, it also blows my mind that it has only been five sessions, because it feels like I have known this crew forever. Year after year I look forward to seeing Rachel, Matt, Anna, Lydia, and Eliza, and I often have to remind myself during our time together that we are there to take photos because I get too excited to chat and catch up with everyone! Rachel has been dreaming of a session at Reid State Park for several years now, and we finally made it happen this year. We had originally planned for a warm-weather session but had to reschedule to early November. November at Reid is like a golden paradise – bright orange skies, and evergreens along the rocks allowing for that true Maine feel, even after the leaves have dropped from the other trees. This is such a gem of a location, and this family could not be more wonderful to spend time with and photograph. I especially noticed how much each of the girls grew this year – with Anna in 8th grade (and as tall as her mom!), Lydia really coming into her own as a smart and sweet pre-teen, and little Eliza in full toddler mode – on her own agenda and the focus of her big sisters. I absolutely adore this crew and am so grateful for five sessions with them. Here’s to many more, and here are my favorites from our adventurous Reid State Park session last week.


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