The T Family | Ogunquit Maine Family Photographer

Beach sessions in Maine are a funny thing. Some nights you are greeted to clear, beautiful skies, some nights you have storm clouds off the coast, and some nights you sit directly in the middle of a fog bank. My evening with the “T” Family – Brie, Nick, three-year-old Chloe, and 20-month-old Jack, started like one one of those clear, beautiful nights, and ended with something pretty magical as the sun went down. We met on Ogunquit Beach¬†at low tide, and¬†discovered this gorgeous sandy inlet between the mainland and the dunes that separate the inlet from the main beach. We started there, and then as we headed over to the main beach area at the end of the session, we discovered stunning skies, created by a setting sun and a bank of fog just offshore. To make it even more sweet, a pair of sailboats just happened to be emerging from the fog, making my internal photographer geek-out-freak-out voice go into high gear. And of course, aside from the perfect scenery, the “T” family made for an incredibly fun night at the beach – exploring tide pools, feeding seagulls, and running around the big, open, sandy space. Here are some favorites from our time together!

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