The T Family and Lincoln {Yarmouth High School Class of 2021} | Maine Family and Senior Photographer

I have been looking forward to last weekend’s session with the T Family for months. While these guys live in the same town as I do, in the summer they travel across Casco Bay to Long Island, and spend their summer months on the island at their family home. When Kristina asked if I would be willing to take the ferry to the island for photos, I was elated and couldn’t wait for the evening to arrive. We met up at Harbor de Grace, on the east side of the island, where I started with Lincoln’s senior photos, then transitioned into some brother time with his brother Joe, and then finally some family photos as Will and Kristina joined us for the second half of the session. This is such a hard time on families, but especially for the 2020 and now 2021 seniors, and while his senior year may not end up looking like he always imagined it to be, I’m so happy that Lincoln was able to have some time focused on his big year at one of his most favorite spots, and surrounded by his incredibly sweet and close-knit family. Island sessions are just the best, and time with these guys on Long Island was definitely a high point of my summer so far. Here are my favorites from all the fun “sessions within a session” with this really special crew.