The S Family | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

I’ve said it a few times now – it is crazy to me that until just a few years ago, I’d never really been to Higgins Beach. But now, after a few years of shooting there regularly, it has not only become a favorite spot of mine, but I’ve learned how special it is to so many families, both from here in Maine, and from all over the country. Ali, Alex, and Sloane are one of these families that hold Higgins near and dear to their hearts, and I had the honor of meeting them at their special place a few weeks ago, on a doubleheader Higgins evening. Our time together was sun-kissed, and all about sweet little 11-month-old Sloane, who was so cute and sweet, and all about snuggling with mom and dad (and her uncles, too!).  It was so special to meet and capture this young family during their time in Maine, and I hope these photos bring some bright light and happiness to their new home back in Connecticut. Here are my favorites from our fun evening together!