The R Family | Yarmouth Maine Family Photographer

I’ve always had a soft spot for late fall sessions. While most photographers happy dance their way through October and all the bright colors of the month, I personally love November, when the colors have faded, much of the foliage has fallen and there are a few short weeks (or some years even days) where the hint of fall remains, but the muted colors and simplicity in the landscape of the winter season begin to shine. Last weekend I met the R Family, on an afternoon that totally encompassed this awesome moment in the season. Rebecca and Michael have a gorgeous home overlooking the Royal River in Yarmouth, where they spend their time working hard and raising their two boys, McIntyre and Alexander. Their property is a photographer’s dream, with wide open spaces, trees and fences, and a gorgeous path leading down to a glowing opening at the river. It was the perfect backdrop for a November session, and also perfect for this family with two fun and energetic little guys, one cute pup, and two incredibly sweet parents. Here are my favorites from our fun session last weekend!