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One of the things that makes my job so special, and so important is that I photograph people and families in all parts of their lives. Often this means engagements, new marriages, or new and growing babies, but sometimes it is during other transition periods as well. On Saturday I had one of these special sessions with Rebecca, McIntyre, and Alexander. Their lives were flipped upside down over the past year and a half, and as they begin their changed life together, Rebecca wanted photos to capture the three of them – their love, their connection, and their strength as a family of three. Scarborough Beach has been a favorite place for these guys during this time, so we decided to do the session there, and had a November day so warm that shoes were even off, and toes were in the water. It was important for Rebecca that these photos help show the bond between these three, and are a visual representation of how whole they are as a family unit. They say you learn a lot about someone who is facing adversity, and it is so obvious that Rebecca is a mother full of love, and adoration, and both she and her boys are stronger together. I’m so very grateful that she asked for this session, and am honored that she asked me to capture the beginning of this next phase of their amazing life together. Here are my favorites from this very special session. ❤️


This young woman has been in my thoughts since her birth. I have envied her mother for having such a wonderful and strong daughter a d one of my favorite photos is of Rebecca and her mom. It was taken when Rebecca was very young. She is now a strong and loving mom whom I admire.

These photos capture the warmth and love of my daughter’s family. You do brilliant work!


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