The R Family {At Home} | Yarmouth Maine Family Photographer

Just a few weeks ago, I headed up the road to hang out with Rebecca, Mac, and Alex. After last year’s session at Scarborough Beach, Rebecca decided to return to their home in Yarmouth for this year’s session, and it was such a perfect place and a perfect evening for photos with this crew. The home is set back from the road with trees that allow for gorgeous autumn light to land on the front yard, and in the back of the home is a path that leads to the marsh and a very cool jetty along the Royal River. We started with a few photos with Rebecca’s mom and stepfather who were visiting for a few weeks, and then explored all around the property with Rebecca and her boys. What I love most about this crew is their energy and their bond to each other. Mac and Alex love to run, play, climb, wrestle, sword fight, and do anything that allows them to expend energy together. Rebecca has a kind, strong, and quiet presence, and loves to snuggle on her boys and join in on with the playful adventures with them. From the sun-kissed foliage photos around the yard, to the serene and beautiful images of these three along the jetty, I am so happy we returned home this year to capture these guys in the place where they are most comfortable, and where they feel whole. Here are my many favorites from this year’s super fun session.


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