The P Family | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

When I say I have been looking forward to the “P” Family’s session for months, I mean months. I first heard from Melanie way back last September, well before summer dates were open, and she was excited and enthusiastic about their trip to Maine the following July, celebrating a big anniversary for she and her husband Greg. I so hoped I would hear from her again when I opened up summer bookings, and I most certainly did, with even more energy and excitement than before. There’s a difference between photographing people who just “want” or “need” photos taken, and those who truly appreciate what a family session means, and for Melanie and Greg and their wonderful kiddos Ben and Isabelle, they soaked up the opportunity to be together in front of the camera and capture this time in their family story. I love these images from our evening at Ferry Beach in Scarborough and am so grateful I got to meet and get to know all four of these amazing humans. Here are my favorites.

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