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Two years ago this May, I photographed Brandi and Mike’s intimate wedding at RiRa in Portland, followed by almost two hours of fun portrait time in the Old Port. They were fun and easy going, free-spirited, and so much in love. When Brandi contacted me about my March lifestyle special and informed me that they had welcomed little Maisey into their lives, I was so happy for them and very excited to have the opportunity to see them again, this time as parents.

Last weekend I traveled to their home in Weymouth, Masschusetts, an adorable house on a hill overlooking the water and Boston skyline. I was greeted by big smiles from all three of them, and two cute kitties (only one of which was a fan of the camera). Maisey is one of the happiest 9-month old babies I’ve ever met, and a big fan of the camera, and Brandi and Mike are complete naturals at their new role as parents. We read books, played with toys, and enjoyed snack time.


Lifestyle sessions are about capturing real life and the little things that define this moment in your journey. From Maisey’s sweet smiles and tiny fingers, to Brandi and Mike’s calm manner with her and each other, I’m excited to share a little peek into this special time in their lives.

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