The P Family | Kennebunkport Maine Family Photographer

It’s hard to believe that it has been five years since I first met Sarah and Steve on the shores of Goose Rocks Beach. At the time, they were expecting little Daniel, and since then I’ve had the extreme honor of seeing them every August in the same spot, all the while watching their family grow. This year Daniel and little Molly were on the go – so excited to be at the beach after months of quarantine. After some running and splashing, and a whole lot of giggling, they settled in with Sarah and Steve, entranced by their mom’s gorgeous singing voice and the setting sun. I am so grateful for this family and look forward to their sessions every summer, as every year just gets better and better with these people who are so beautiful, inside and out. Many thanks to all of them for continuing to ask me to capture their time in Maine together – here are my favorites from this year’s session.