The M Family {Higgins Beach} | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

It’s no secret that Higgins Beach is my favorite go-to for summer sessions, so it seemed fitting to have my last official summer session of 2022 be at this spot. I was originally supposed to see Spring, Silas, Lydia, and Brogan in August, but the weather had other plans. The powers that be redeemed themselves however on this last night of summer, an evening that was relatively warm and full of that gorgeous Higgins light that I love so very much. Spring is another photographer (check out her amazing work at Spring Smith Studios), and I have had the honor of photographing her beautiful family twice now. As photographers, it is incredibly important for us to “put the photographer away” when we are on the other side of the lens, and it’s not easy for everyone to do. I absolutely love photographing Spring’s family because she turns the inner photographer off totally, and completely trusts me to capture her family. Lydia and Brogan are full of happy, goofy, fun energy, and Spring and Silas do not hesitate to join in the fun and get soaked and play along with them during our sessions. This year they also brought along their 1-year-old puppy Moxie to join the party, and all six of us left the beach completely soaked. It was a perfect way to end the summer season, and I’m so excited to share my many favorites of this special and fun evening at Higgins.


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