The M and C Families | York Maine Family Photographer

It’s hard to believe that this is the third year in a row I’ve worked with the “M” Family, and the second that Risa’s brother’s family has joined in as well. Each year, this group travels from New York City to York, Maine, and it has been such a pleasure getting to know them and watching the kiddos grow (little Morgan was just a bump in her mom’s belly year #1!) over these past few years. After a two years of photographing at their vacation home, this year we headed to the beach for some fun on the rocks and in the sand and water on Long Sands. The light was to die for during this year’s session, and the large surf made for a gorgeous background and some fun wave jumping at the end. Many thanks to this crew for getting in front of my lenses once again this year – here are some favorites!

maine-family-beach-photographer-01 maine-family-beach-photographer-02 maine-family-beach-photographer-03 maine-family-beach-photographer-04 maine-family-beach-photographer-05 maine-family-beach-photographer-06 maine-family-beach-photographer-07 maine-family-beach-photographer-08 maine-family-beach-photographer-09 maine-family-beach-photographer-10 maine-family-beach-photographer-11 maine-family-beach-photographer-12 maine-family-beach-photographer-13 maine-family-beach-photographer-14 maine-family-beach-photographer-15 maine-family-beach-photographer-16 maine-family-beach-photographer-17 maine-family-beach-photographer-18 maine-family-beach-photographer-19 maine-family-beach-photographer-20 maine-family-beach-photographer-21 maine-family-beach-photographer-22 maine-family-beach-photographer-23 maine-family-beach-photographer-24 maine-family-beach-photographer-25 maine-family-beach-photographer-26 maine-family-beach-photographer-27 maine-family-beach-photographer-28 maine-family-beach-photographer-29


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