The L Family | Maine and California Family and Newborn Photographer

As we head into Thanksgiving tomorrow, I know a lot of us are reflecting on the things we are grateful for, and this year one of the things my family is so grateful for is my beautiful and healthy brand new baby niece, Aurora, born just two and a half weeks ago. The week after her arrival, I hopped on a plane and headed west to Upland, California, which is just about an hour east of L.A., to meet her, and see my brother Pete, my sister-in-law Erica, and my mom Debbie for a few days. Of course, a newborn session was a given, but what I didn’t expect was to head out on adventure for Aurora’s first professional photos. While I’m a lover of all things sand and sea, for Pete and Erica, their hearts are with the mountains, so we headed to the base of Mount Baldy, which is practically in their backyard, just a short drive from their house. While this was a special moment for me to capture Aurora’s first photos, for Pete and Erica, Aurora to the mountains for the first time was extra special, and I’m so happy I had the chance to capture this important moment for them. Aurora is teeny-tiny, and absolutely loved snugging with her Auntie during my visit as she snoozed away for most of my time with her. I miss these guys so much already, but am so grateful that I was able to travel and be with them for a few days during this really special time for our family. Here are my favorites of our sweet session in the California mountains.