The L Family {Lifestyle} | Maine Family Photographer

Last weekend I treated myself to a little getaway, and hit the road with my friend Kristen to stay with the “L” Family at their beautiful home in upstate New York.┬áKristen, Katelyn, and I have been friends for a whopping 17 years now, and our friendship was solidified when we studied abroad in Spain together during our junior year in college. While in Spain, Katelyn met Bob, who was stationed just outside of Seville, and now they are married with two goofy, adorable, and fun twin boys, Brian and Michael. Katelyn was kind enough to let me have my camera out to capture some lifestyle images of her family during my visit. From breakfast and soccer practice, to play time and bath, I had so much fun capturing the silly and fun spirit of this family I love so very much. Here’s a little peek at a day in their life!

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