The L Family | Freeport Maine Family Photographer

My favorite families to work with are the ones who say “we’ll just roll with it” when we have our pre-session discussion about our session. I love this response, because it shows an understanding of what life is with toddlers, and in reality “rollin’ with it” is just what you do when you have littles. Sometimes rolling with it means picture perfect smiles, and sometimes is means following the lead of the kiddos – when they are having it, and when they are not. I have to give major props to Carolyn and Chris, whose kiddos, Camille and Calvin, were having a bit of a “not having it” day on picture day this year. It would have been very easy for these guys to get frustrated and throw in the towel, but instead, these guys embraced the chaos, didn’t cry when we did half of our photo session in the parking lot with a cheese wheel in little Calvin’s hands (that he was SO excited about and never actually ate, haha!), and even broke out the hail Mary red lollipops which saved the day and made for some super cute kid and candy photos. What we ended up with were photos that captured all of it – the snuggly moments, the adventurous moments, the tense ones, and mostly the loving ones – which, even in an hour with a few tears, was beyond apparent in every moment we were together. Here are my favorites from this special session at Wolfe’s Neck, with this really amazing family that I loved capturing together.