The JW Family | Ogunquit Maine Family Photographer

For a few years now, Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit has been one of my go-to spots in the southernmost parts of the state. I love the vast beach and views of neighboring Ogunquit and Moody Beaches on either side. But when I arrived at Footbridge last week for photos with Jenn, Steven, and Molly, those views I love so much were masked behind a sheet of thick fog. At first I was bummed out, but I quickly turned my point of view around, and realized that the fog was a blessing in disguise for this family. Because even though those gorgeous Maine views were obscured, the fog let the camera focus on what matters most – this brand new family of three, little 8-week old Molly, and their first set of family photos, (they were not able to have newborn photos taken due the pandemic). And, I have to say, the fog that evening was quite gorgeous, and even allowed for a pretty almost-teal color in some of the ocean photos near the end of the session. These three are just about as adorable and sweet as a family can be, and even despite the cooler evening, little Molly was a charmer without any tears at all, in her red gingham jumper and little red bow. We started with a few pics with their pups Rocky and Cooper, and then headed to the shore for the rest of the session. I absolutely adore this family, and am so honored that they asked me to take these special photos for them.