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It’s no secret that as you get older, your relationships change. Late nights and long chats with girlfriends quickly become hectic phone conversations and quick emails as lives become busier and more full with work and family. If you’re lucky, what doesn’t change is how much some your closest friends still mean to you, and how even though the long crazy fun nights of college have turned into quick phone and email chats, you know that no matter what, you are still there for each other. This is my relationship with Ryan. We were good friends in college, but became very close in the two years following graduation. Now we make it a priority to check in on the phone every few weeks, even if the kids are melting down in the background. I know I could call her in the middle of the night if I needed to, and even though we live three hours apart, we would be there for each other in an instant if need be. Raising our kids at the same time has been such an amazing experience so far, as we have such similar parenting styles and love to share ideas and challenges, and laugh at the ridiculous things that happen in our everyday lives.

Last year we decided to start an annual vacation with our families, which is amazing for so many reasons, but also because it gives me the opportunity to capture images of her beautiful family as they grow up. Ryan and Shawn have two amazing kids, three year old Maggie, and two year old Liam. I love their giggles and their sweet charm, and feel so very lucky that this entire family is a part of my family’s life. Here are some of my favorite images from this year’s session, this time on a covered bridge in Jackson, New Hampshire. Thanks for the laughs, friends!


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