The G Family {Higgins Beach} | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

Back in 2018 I had my second-ever session with Jessica, Tim, Kallie, Abby, and grandma Sara at Higgins Beach. It was a very very very grey day, and while we’ve had amazing sessions every year since, we had not yet returned to Higgins – until this year. This time the skies were MUCH prettier, and the girls were MUCH bigger (so. grown. up.), and the tide was also MUCH MUCH higher. 😂 I love high tide sessions at Higgins, and know it takes a special family to be ok with them as there is no chance of staying dry. What we didn’t expect this time were August waters that felt like April waters, but I have to give huge props to this crew who literally grinned and beared it as the icy waters worked their way closer and closer to shore. The playful and very silly vibes of this crew always make my heart happy, and this year was no exception. I especially was taken by how much Kallie has grown in the past year – full on pre-teen at this point, and also loved capturing Abby being as goofy as ever. We reminisced about Taylor Swift, ran through the waters, captured lots of snuggles and fun, and soaked up the beauty of Higgins – magical as always. Here are my favorites from this year’s amazing session with these awesome humans.


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