The G Family {Crescent Beach} | Cape Elizabeth Maine Family Photographer

I have to give Jessica (and Tim, Kallie, and Abby) a very public thank you as a way to kick of their blog post for this year. Because as I look back on six sessions with this crew, I am so full of gratitude that they never gave up on me so many years ago. Not one, not two, but three years in a row did Jess try to book photos with me, only to learn I had already booked up for the season. She very easily could have found someone else, but she held out, and now as I sit here ready to share our sixth year together, I am so grateful for all of the sessions we have had, and also the friendships that have been formed thanks to our summer sessions together. I think it was year three that I brought my daughter Molly along with me to our session, and we decided to wrap up the evening with some ice cream photos at the local marina store. The girls and Molly were instant buddies and since then, Molly has joined at our sessions, and we have enjoyed ice cream time after every one with our photo buddies. It’s become a much-anticipated tradition in my house, and hopefully Jess and Tim’s too.

This year we had our session at Crescent Beach State Park in Cape Elizabeth, and of all the years, I was most floored by how much the girls grew this year. This was a big year for this crew who moved from New Jersey to North Carolina last summer, starting fresh in a new place. I was so excited to see how happy all four of these guys are – obviously thriving and loving their new home, schools, and job, and very happy to be back in Maine for a few weeks in the summer. As always, the girls stole my heart with their sweet and silly personalities, and the whole crew found themselves enjoying the waves and rocks of Crescent Beach. We wrapped up our gorgeous evening at Kettle Cove Creamery for our annual treat, and I’m already looking forward to seeing these guys next year. This was a night for the books – gorgeous in every way, and I’m so excited to share my many favorites from this year’s session.


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