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When you have three babies, all under the year of 1.5, things most likely are going to be a little bit nutty. So when I arrived at my friends Virginia and Andrew’s home last weekend, and a very tired looking momma opened the door and immediately said – “I want you to write a real life blog post about this one”, I smiled, nodded, and promised to do so.

Just about three weeks ago, Virginia, Andrew, and 17-month old Archer welcomed baby twin girls Cassidy and Elara into their lives. Being premature, the girls spend the first two weeks of their lives in the hospital, so when I came to visit, they had only been home for a few days. Life with three little ones is not easy, and a tired mom and dad asked not to be in many of the pictures. We managed a rotating event of spit up, hunger, dirty diapers, tired toddler, and even a toddler “bonk” resulting in a split lip (we joked it was my bloodiest session to date). I photographed while playing with trucks, holding babies, and soothing sores. Mom and dad rotated soothing, changing, feeding, and playing. All in all, it was a bit crazy. But as we were wrapping up the session and I looked at my beautiful friend and said “you are amazing” she looked right back at me, her tired eyes now gleaming and said “it’s the best kind of crazy.” And she is so right. Because in the midst of it all, there are two healthy beautiful baby girls who will grow to develop a bond like no other, one handsome and smart big brother who will protect his little sisters and be their buddy, and two parents who will look at each other as they stand with their three beautiful children and know that they are each other’s rock, and together they are one hell of team.

So welcome to the world Cassidy, and Elara. You’ve joined one pretty special family, and I cannot wait to get to know you and watch you grow and become strong amazing adults, just like your mom and dad.

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