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One of the lesser-known mottos of my business is “For today, tomorrow, and generations forward.” (You can read more about this on my “My Philosophy” page). In short, this means that to me, what I do is so important for who we are now, but also for later on, after we pass. For the “F” Family, they understand this in a way that I wish they didn’t, after losing Kasey’s brother Kyle suddenly last summer. If you are local to the Portland area, you are probably familiar with this story, as Kyle’s boyfriend Blake is the host of The Blake Show on Coast 93.1, and was so bravely candid about his loss and pain when Kyle passed. When Kyle’s sister-in-law Amy emailed me a few weeks ago, telling me of their story and talking about how much she wanted to honor Kyle, but also Blake who has chosen to stay close with Kyle’s family and their two sweet girls Kinley and Klark, I was honored to say yes. For this family, the value of photos in their lives for them now, for the girls later, and for the generations after them, is abundantly clear. And so, last Sunday, Amy, Kasey, and the girls traveled south from Eastern Maine, and met up with Blake and I at Kettle Cove for these special photos. I wish I could say it was as warm as it looks in these sun-kissed moments, but the wind was chilly, and these guys were total troopers in the freezing cold for their session. I have so much admiration for this family who is able to put smiles on in the face of loss, who can appreciate the love and importance of family, who understand the value of capturing memories together, and who know that the bonds that are created stay true because we choose to keep it that way. Despite the cold fingers and faces, these guys put their brave faces on, the girls fluffed their cute rainbow skirts, and we have memories captured of this sweet and close-knit crew.  Here are my favorites from our time together!


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