{The F and D Families} | Saco Maine Family Photographer

When you are a parent, especially a parent of really young kiddos, time with friends is hard to attain but pretty awesome when it does happen. Life gets crazy quickly with little ones running around, so taking time to connect with each other is pretty special. One of the reason I love photographing in Maine so much is that in the summer I meet people from all over, who are taking that opportunity to take a break, appreciate each other, and spend time with friends. A few weeks ago I met up with the “F” Family – Brandon, Andrea, three-year-old L.J., and one-year-old Nora, and their friends of the “D” Family – Jay, Sarah, and nine-month-old Sam near Ferry Beach in Saco. Traveling from Massachusetts, they spent a week here in Maine on the beach and I am thrilled that I got to take photos of them, both as individual families and as a group of good friends. We shot early in the morning as the sun came up over the water, and it was awesome meeting everyone, and seeing the kids dip their toes in the water and enjoying a piece of their vacation. Here are some of my favorites from our session! Maine_Family_Photographer-01Maine_Family_Photographer-02Maine_Family_Photographer-03Maine_Family_Photographer-04Maine_Family_Photographer-05Maine_Family_Photographer-06Maine_Family_Photographer-07Maine_Family_Photographer-08Maine_Family_Photographer-09Maine_Family_Photographer-10Maine_Family_Photographer-11Maine_Family_Photographer-12Maine_Family_Photographer-13Maine_Family_Photographer-14Maine_Family_Photographer-15Maine_Family_Photographer-16Maine_Family_Photographer-17Maine_Family_Photographer-18Maine_Family_Photographer-19Maine_Family_Photographer-20Maine_Family_Photographer-21Maine_Family_Photographer-22Maine_Family_Photographer-23Maine_Family_Photographer-24


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