{The D/G Family} | Kennebunk Maine Family and Newborn Photographer

I am really happy to share tonight’s blog post, just a few days after teasers were posted for Alisha, Jordan, 3-year-old Leo, and 6-day-old Elliot (ahhh the joy of January sessions!). I met this fun crew on Saturday morning at their home in Kennebunk for their first photos as a family of four. Alisha and Jordan are kind and welcoming, and are so blessed to have their two little guys in their lives. Alisha is an artist (see her gorgeous work here), and has created a beautiful home with her artistic talent and eye. I enjoyed capturing them together as a family, but in their own elements as well, as Leo, full of energy and excitement, enjoyed his new brother, but also his playroom where he occupies himself with his creative workworking; and Alisha and Jordan were already so seamlessly able to divide their attention between the two boys. I loved this session for so many reasons and am excited to share my favorites.

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