{The D and M Families} | Danvers Massachusetts Family Photographer

My husband and I both come from large families. Like, huge families. We love it, and feel so blessed to have so many people in our lives to care about and love. With family a few hours away, and across the country, we don’t get to see everyone as much as we’d like, but when we do it’s always a treat. This year I made a trip to Massachusetts for a weekend of photographs with my husband’s cousins and their  families. We went to Glen Magna Farms and Endicott Park  in Danvers which are just amazing places for photographs. It was so wonderful to spend time with everyone and such an honor to be the one to capture them together as their families grow. Many thanks to Mike and Lindsey with Skye and Finn, Ryan and Jill with Danica and Adriana, Marianne and Scott with Emily and Elise, Wendy and Chris with Savanna and Tristyn (we missed the boys who were on a camping trip!), and Meaghan and Brian with little baby  Bella for letting me take their photos this year. Here are some of my favorites from each session.


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