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Beach season is back, baby, and I am SO ready for what this year has in store! Last week I had my first extended family session of the year, and these guys were so full of love, energy, and fun, that I left just knowing that 2021 is going to be a pretty special year.

As I was preparing for this session, I did a double take looking at the contract – surprised to see that my client Jodi had listed both her parents and her in-laws as participants in the session. I knew they were all traveling to Maine, and thought it was pretty cool that their families got along well enough to travel together. But when I spoke to Jodi on the phone before our session and learned the real story, my heart just about exploded, because the story of this extended family is just awesome. As it turns out, Jodi’s parents, Deb and Jim, and her husband’s parents, Rick and Pat, grew up together. The four remained best friends as they became adults and started their own families. If you’re a family with young children and close to another family, you know it’s crossed your mind how amazing it might be for your kids to either stay best friends or marry each other. This came true for these two couples, and Jodi and Randy reconnected as adults after growing up together, and married as well. Now all three families, and Jodi’s sister Traci, along with her family travel to Drakes Island every summer for some special time together in Maine, and this year, I was lucky enough to meet them all.

Our evening on the beach was windy and cold, but with soft light, and big personalities. These guys have loads of energy and excitement about each other and Maine, and I am so grateful to them that they did not let the less-than-ideal outdoor conditions get the best of them. You’d never know it was freezing, looking at these photos of happy, laughing best-friends-turned-relatives and their beautiful and sweet families.


Kristina – thank you for the kind words and the absolutely beautiful pictures. You did a fantastic job keeping us all involved and moving right along which isn’t always easy with 4 little kiddos. Thanks again!!


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