The C Family | Brunswick Maine Family Photographer

I have a soft spot for at-home sessions. There’s something about creating images at a place full of memories, comfort, and love, and even when these sessions take place outside of the home, they often are full of extra meaning and sentiment than sessions held in a more public place. The backyard and rocky shoreline of the “C” Family’s gorgeous home was the absolute perfect backdrop for them, and a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Nina, Matt, and their four littles for the first time. We had a golden, sun-kissed session full of play, snuggles, love, giggles, and all things crazy as I documented a peek into their fun love of the outdoors and life as a family of six. Each and every member of this family is filled with kindness and happiness, and I am so grateful for the chance to meet them and photograph a peek into their beautiful life. I have so many favorites of our beautiful afternoon. Thank you to Nina and Matt for inviting me to capture a peek into the special life they have created together.