The C Family | Bailey Island Maine Family Photographer

Every once and awhile a fellow “Hampdenite” as we call ourselves, reaches out for family photos, and I am always so excited to take their session. I grew up in Hampden, a small town next to Bangor, where everyone knew everyone, and life was pretty simple. Leigh, who reached out to schedule this session was in the same class as my husband (yes, my husband and I went to high school together!), and her little brother Brian was in my class. I didn’t know Leigh terribly well, being three years apart, but I always liked Brian, even if we hung out in different groups. He was laid back, very funny, and always well-liked by everyone in our class. So when I had the opportunity to meet the entire family, including Leigh, Brian, their older brother Tyler, dad, step-mom, 95-year old grandfather, and their families, I was so excited about the opportunity. These guys came together in Harpswell last week, and we had such a dreamy evening at Lands End Beach on Bailey Island, with soft skies, and lots of laughter. There is something very special about seeing the people you grew up with, and this evening with the C Family was a real treat, and a highlight of my year so far. Here are my favorites of this super sweet crew during their time together.


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