The B Family | Yarmouth Maine Family Photographer

I always get excited to meet new Yarmouth families. We live in a small and pretty tight-knit town that is well-loved by its residents, so to be able to meet and photograph fellow Yarmouth people is always a special treat. On Saturday I met Andie and Erik, along with their two girls Elizabeth and Victoria, and Andie’s mom Michelle. We had the session at their beautiful home here in town, and I was greeted by two super cute little girls in the sweetest pink dresses, ready for some photo fun with mom, dad, and grandma. Elizabeth probably would have let me photograph her all day long (and I totally would have – who can resist that smile and those adorable cheeks?!), and at a year old, Victoria was ready to be on the go, running around the backyard and wrapping herself right around my little finger with her big blue eyes. This family is so sweet and was so easy and fun to photograph. I’m excited to share favorites from our special at-home session.


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