The B Family | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

Today’s beach session is one that is literally over a year in the making, and one that was so totally worth the wait. Last year I was scheduled to do a session at Higgins on a beautiful evening with Lauren, Kevin, Sebastian, and Lillian, when a family emergency struck and we had to reschedule. Our rescheduled evening was damp, misty, and chilly –  and, thanks to their awesome positive go-with-it attitudes, we ended up with a mystical session at Wolfe’s Neck with hopes for a beach session in 2021. As we all know, the weather was challenging this summer, and we had to reschedule due to rain not once, but twice, pushing their summer beach session into September. I am a true believer of two things – 1. (almost) everything happens for a reason, and 2. good things coming to very good people. Lauren, Kevin, and their kiddos are very good, very kind, and very patient people, and they were so rewarded for all of this with a night on Higgins that was unlike any I had there this year. The tide was high, but they were not deterred, knowing full well that Sebastian would be drenched within a matter of minutes (he was!), and the light was so unbelievably soft and pretty, that at times I felt like we were on the coast of Florida instead of Maine. Our beach session was everything I hoped it would be, so much in part due to Lauren and Kevin’s laid back approach to their session and parenting which allowed everyone to just relax and enjoy the incredible evening. I had so much fun capturing the beauty that is this wonderful family, and have so many favorites from our beautiful evening. I can’t thank these guys enough for their patience and for such an incredible September evening at Higgins.


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