The B Family | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

I first met Ron several years ago when I was working in undergraduate admissions. Ron was one of our travel “road warriors” who came on board in the fall to spend some of his retirement recruiting for our school. The office always seemed to come alive when Ron was around, and we all fed off of his kindness, playful energy, and hilarious stories. I knew Ron and I lived in the same town, but I didn’t know that our lives would become a little more intertwined years down the road, with his grandchildren around the same age as my daughter. His daughter Kate is well known in Yarmouth as a member of our school board and educational foundation, and like Ron, always brings a happy smile and wonderful energy to whatever space she occupies. So when Kate reached out earlier this year to ask if I would be willing to take photos of her family with her parents and her sister’s family, I was so thrilled to get this group in front of my cameras. We met on an evening at Pine Point with dramatically soft light (yup, that’s a thing!), and as expected, the entire crew was as sweet and happy as Ron and Kate. These guys are a super tight-knit bunch, and capturing their special bond and fun energy was so much fun. Here are my favorites of this special family!


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