{The B Family Kiddos} | Yarmouth Maine Children’s Photographer

I’m so excited that holiday cards have gone out, because I’m getting to share some sessions I’ve been dying to share with you all! Last month I had the extreme pleasure of meeting the “B” Family at their home in Yarmouth. Mom and Dad wanted pictures of just the kids for this session, and what a joy they were to hang out with. Nine-year old Ella reminded me a lot of myself when I was a kiddo with younger siblings; loving to help and embracing her┬ábig sister role. Six-year old Ollie has the best head of curly hair I think I’ve ever seen, and a serious and goofy side that makes him quite the charmer. And three-year old Grace is fun, and as full of energy and silliness as a three-year-old should be. All three siblings were polite and kind to both myself and each other, and I truly enjoyed taking their photos at their beautiful home here in town. Here are some favorites!

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