The B Family | Freeport Maine Family Photographer

I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again – I have the best clients. Yes, I know EVERYONE says that, but I’m serious. My clients are flexible, easy-going, and resilient, and this year has proven this fact more than ever. I was supposed to take Lauren, Kevin, Sebastian, and Lillian’s photos back in August. When I had to suddenly reschedule, we decided on a date in late September, hopeful for another warm and gorgeous night at Higgins Beach. Our second date finally arrived, and Higgins was in a dark and dreary fog bank. We made a last-minute decision to punt and head to Wolfe’s Neck where we were also greeted with heavy fog and even light drizzle. It would have been very easy for these four to whine about the circumstances, and reschedule again, but instead they embraced the elements, and had no problem exploring the slippery rocks and seaweed, and soaking in all that is a foggy beach session. As a result, we had magical night that felt a little bit like it was out of a fairy tale, alongside two super silly, adventurous kiddos and their awesome parents. These guys already had a special place in my heart after working with them for three years, but this year that spot grew by a lot, and I’m so grateful for their kindness, their easy-going nature, and for being the wonderful humans that they are. Here are my favorites from our foggy Wolfe’s Neck adventure.