The 366 Project {2020} | March – Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

Woah. Guys, I don’t even know where to begin. I find it interesting and kind of funny that our first photo of the month is a picture of blurry Molly running into the darkness, like a crazy omen for what was to come in the month ahead. We headed into March fresh off our Disney vacation, ready to head into spring and all the fun that comes along with it. We were aware of COVID but not too concerned. We never expected this month to take the turn that it did. But we all know the story, and while I could have easily slumped out of this project, too overwhelmed by having my whole family at home, balancing school and work, and freaking out about the future of my business, this country, and the whole world, I chose to keep shooting. These are going to be formative days – for us, and for our kids, and there’s not a lot I can contribute right now outside of making sure we stay home and do our best to stay safe and healthy. But I can document this time. I can pick up my camera. I can keep doing what I love, even if it isn’t with my clients. And so, I chose to keep going, and will continue to keep going, because picking up my camera is what keeps me sane and grounded. I don’t know what the next month or the next few months have in store for us, but I will continue to look for the beauty in this chaos, and I promise to keep sharing our version of this crazy story with you all.

I hope you all are safe, and healthy. I hope you are staying home and appreciating the good moments and giving yourself a break when the dark ones have their time, too. I’m sending you all loads of long-distant hugs and well wishes as we navigate this truly strange time.

There are 31 days in March. These are our 31 days of March, 2020.