The 366 Project {2020} | June – Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

Oh, June. June, June, June. You were quite simply….exhausting. Not exhausting in that “I’m spinning in every direction trying to get a million things done” kind of way. More like the “I’m trying to be a conscious citizen, re-enter society, keep my family healthy, fight for civil rights, force summer fun, survive the end of the school year, and re-start my business – my brain is SO TIRED” kind of way. June was packed with a lot of BIG things. Not only did we wrap up the end of the strangest school year ever, but big things happened in the world. While we slowly started to see friends and family once again, we also tackled some major social issues, and watched the world simultaneously come together and fall apart day in and day out. In the middle of it all, as my daughter’s school work slowed down, my actual work picked back up (THANK YOU once again for the crazy amount of support this year!), and we also squeezed in some summer fun with adventures to the beach and the woods, and finally rounded out the month with a special camping trip with friends. Even as we continue on this crazy rollercoaster ride of 2020, I remain grateful that I chose to capture it, as it – and June in particular – will be one for the books.

There are 30 days in June. These are our 30 days of June, 2020.

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