The 366 Project {2020} | February – Maine Children and Lifestyle Photographer

Oh boy, February is going to be a tough one to top. Usually a month I dread due to grey skies and lots of cold, this February has been on my radar for some time now as one that hopefully promised sunshine and a little summer. This was the month we took our vacation, and despite promising myself that we wouldn’t go quite so big the next time we did Disney…well, I guess some promises are made to be broken. After a heck of a year in 2019, this family needed some time away, and so we took almost two full weeks in Florida with family and friends, where we refreshed our minds with a lot of sunshine and Disney magic. In case you missed the full recap, check out yesterday’s post here. Aside from our trip, February was full of typical February things – snow days and lots of indoor time (I’m a self-proclaimed terrible winter mom), and we were lucky enough to return from Florida to atypical February temps and the feeling that spring is on the way. I will forever be grateful for this month of love that brought together so much of the things we adore the most, and look forward to more sunshine and warmth as spring makes its way to Maine over the next several weeks (we hope!).

There are 29(!) days in February. These are our 29 days of February, 2020.


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