The 365 Project {2021} | February – Maine Children and Lifestyle Photographer

You guys, it’s March. The month of spring. The month of the 1-year mark of this pandemic craziness. The month of renewed hope and brighter days. But before we can look forward to March, we must take a minute to appreciate February. I headed into February in a total slump – a creative slump, a mom slump, a wife slump, a totally over-stimulated, over-exhausted pandemic slump. Ugh, it felt gross. The thought of not completing this next year of my project crossed my mind a few times in January, but I pushed through, and I’m so glad I did, because in February I decided enough was enough, and I forced myself to get myself back together. Early in the month we headed to Sunday River and I promised myself I would take a few days off and enjoy quiet time and read while my family was on the mountain. (If you have not yet read Kristin Hannah’s “The Four Winds” I can’t recommend it enough!). When we got back from our trip, I pushed myself once again, this time by getting myself to my happy place – the beach – more than once – sometimes even alone. When we give ourselves permission to fill our buckets, our lives can turn around so fast, and my mental health quickly bounced back – along with my energy for taking care of and capturing my family. I found myself excited to find new light, push myself, and remember that this project is not just a way to document my life, but improve my craft every single day, and it was so refreshing to have the energy to take this on once again. As a result, I have another month of memories captured in a way that I am proud of – from our trip to the mountains, to our local adventures, to celebrating my husband’s birthday, and documenting this ongoing experience of life at home, I am proud of the work I created in February, and can’t wait to ride this train into the brighter (and hopefully warmer!) month of March.

There are 28 days in February. These are our 28 days of February, 2021.

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