The 365 Project {2021} | April – Maine Children and Lifestyle Photographer

Happy last day of April! I always look forward to April as the month life starts to return in northern New England, with flowers and trees blooming, and yes, the occasional spits of snow, but hopefully more rain and sunshine than the white stuff. After a very mild March, April kept itself on the chilly side, and yes, the white stuff came down, but it didn’t get to my psyche like usual, as I knew we would be getting our second vaccine shots, and shortly after, heading to Florida to celebrate my 40th birthday. In February 2020, we had a big Disney vacation, and about two weeks after our return, the world shut down. Disney was literally the last place we were when life felt normal. Over the past year, Disney has come up time and time again, and has tugged at our heartstrings as a way to feel normal even for a few days once again. When I found out we would be vaccinated by my birthday, I knew I wanted to go back. Friends talked about how safe Disney felt, and I knew I wanted to get away for my 40th if we could. So, we decided to go for it, and took our first big family road trip all the way to the place that has lived so strongly in our hearts over this past year – and it.was.awesome. We felt safe, we felt kind-of-sort-of-normal, and most importantly, we felt a level of happiness that we haven’t felt in a long, long time. Fear not, we have all tested upon our return, and we followed the same safety precautions we do here at home while we were away. We didn’t take a single moment for granted, and the gratitude we felt for the ability to travel and do so safely can’t really be put into words. I hope you all have the same opportunity to return to something you love very soon as well if you have not yet been able to do so.

So here we are, at the end of April, with finally some new experiences and stories under our belts, flowers starting to bloom up here in the northeast, and the slightest amount of hope on the horizon that more and more life will start to return to normal. I’m excited for May, I’m excited to see what’s next, and for the first time in a long time, I feel a little closer to whole.

There are 30 days in April. These are our 30 days of April, 2021.

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