The 365 Project {2019} | November – Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

Oh, November. You were a bit all over the place, literally, figuratively, and photographically. November is almost always a bit of a head-spinning month with sessions winding down, and holiday sales winding up. This year I added a trip to California to the mix, where I got to spend time with my brother and sister-in-law, and my beautiful brand new niece, Aurora. This year November was also the month where my biggest 365 project fear happened – I lost a photo. After hours of working in data recovery software with every single memory card I own, November 14th apparently is the one day that can never be recovered (seriously, I found photos from YEARS ago, but not that day – what the heck?!). Luckily I took a few on my cell phone that day, so the 365 project is still a 365 project, but I am totally bummed to lose the adorable photos of Molly getting her hair professionally done at the salon. First world problems, but a bummer nonetheless.  But aside from the lost photo, extreme flight anxiety, lazier-than-usual photography days, and chaos of the upcoming holiday season, November brought the excitement of the Thanksgiving and Christmas to our house, alongside the excitement of the newest member of the family, and high fives towards personal and professional growth and happiness for both my husband and I. I very much remember at the end of November 2017, the last time I did this project, feeling like I was ready for this project to wrap up with only one month left to go, but this year it seems crazy that eleven months have already gone by and that we only have a month to go. Here’s to a busy and fun December, but a more focused one, with all the joys and excitement of the holiday season, and the final month of this incredibly gratifying project.

There are 30 days in November. These are our 30 days of November, 2019.


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