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The 366 Project {2020} | Maine Children and Lifestyle Photographer

If you've been following my work for the past few years, you know that I've embarked on a few 365 day projects. For those unfamiliar with what this means, it means that I take a photo of my own life, every day, for one full year. I started this venture in 2017, with the goal of getting through the project, about a month into 2018 I realized just how much I missed it. [...]

2020 {Personal Favorites} | Maine Children and Lifestyle Photographer

As promised on yesterday's post of favorite client photos of the year, today I am sharing my favorite personal photos of 2020. Narrowing this group down was also a challenge, so as with the client photos, I'm sharing my top 10ish and going with a solid 21 photos, ha! This year I am completing my third 365 project (366 in 2020!), and I cannot believe that this year's p[...]

The 366 Project {2020} | November – Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

Month 23. Wow. I cannot even believe I am one month away from completing two full years (and three total years!) of this project. I am so excited (like all of us, I imagine) to be approaching the end of 2020, and also excited to take the time after next year to look back on what has no doubt been the craziest year of our lives. November brought shorter days, a lot les[...]

The B Family | Yarmouth Maine Family Photographer

I always get excited to meet new Yarmouth families. We live in a small and pretty tight-knit town that is well-loved by its residents, so to be able to meet and photograph fellow Yarmouth people is always a special treat. On Saturday I met Andie and Erik, along with their two girls Elizabeth and Victoria, and Andie's mom Michelle. We had the session at their beautiful[...]

The C Family | Yarmouth Maine Family Photographer

A few years ago I had a short stint working at Yarmouth High School in the guidance department. While working there, I got to know Martha, and throughout my few years at YHS, I learned one really important thing about Martha - to her, family is everything. I always noted how much her face lit up when she talked about her husband and kids, and would make a point to ask[...]

Weekend Teasers! | Falmouth Maine Family Photographer

I cannot believe I am sitting here, already at November 2nd. For such a crazy year, it has flown by, and this weekend I wrapped up my October sessions and kicked off my November ones at the Audubon in Falmouth. On Friday evening I met the "A" Family who was so full of love and snuggles that I still have the warm fuzzies, and yesterday afternoon I met the extended "L/H[...]