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The F Family | Scarborough Maine Family Photographer

Last summer I met Maura, Ryan, and Catherine, along with Maura's extended family at Higgins Beach for what was one of the most gorgeous evenings I had in 2019. This year these three returned as a solo family unit, and together we met up again at Higgins, this time for pictures of just the three of them. Like last year, Catherine had me in stitches, but this year as a [...]

Jack {Yarmouth High School Class of 2021} | Maine Senior Photographer

It's back-to-back blog posts this morning as I get ready to head out for my daughter's 10th birthday celebration weekend, but before that happens, we're going to take a few minutes and share all the wonderful things about Jack - because there are so many of them. Jack is a member of Yarmouth High School's Class of 2021, and is also my super-awesome neighbor. And while[...]

Caroline, Class of 2021 {Just a Tease} | Falmouth Maine Senior Photographer

I am loving this year's senior sessions, and last night's session at the Audubon with Caroline had ME happy dancing the whole time. Caroline was meant to be photographed among the fields and paths of this special place, and her bright smile and happy energy was contagious the entire time we worked together. I am so excited about this session and this fabulous young wo[...]

The M Family and Emma {Yarmouth High School Class of 2021} | Yarmouth Maine Family and Senior Photographer

One of the things I have loved this season is having families with seniors that want to do both senior photos and a family session together. It's such a special way to give the senior his or her time, but also take advantage of the opportunity to capture the whole crew together as well. A few weeks ago I had one of these sessions here in Yarmouth, and began my evening[...]

Jack, Class of 2021 {Just a Tease} | Cape Elizabeth Maine Senior Photographer

Last night it was all about Jack, who is a member of Yarmouth High School's Class of 2021, and who also happens to be my super-awesome neighbor. I have been looking forward to this session for months because Jack's smile is simply contagious and I had no doubt that this session would be full of laughter and happiness. We headed to Crescent Beach in Cape Elizabeth, and[...]

Molly {Coe-Brown Northwood Class of 2021} | Wells Maine Senior Photographer

Every year I have just a handful of senior session. In my former life, many years ago, I was a high school teacher, and still have such a love for working with teens, so I always get especially excited for senior photos. A few weeks ago, I met Molly, a senior at New Hampshire's Coe-Brown Northwood Academy. When I asked Molly what she is most proud of from her high sch[...]