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Spring Minis {Just a Tease} | Scarborough Maine Family and Children’s Photographer

Originally planned for late April, my spring minis were postponed due to the COVID shutdown, and I wondered if I would be able to have a typical mini session day, trying to reschedule everyone. It worked out beautifully though, and last night I had four quick mini sessions on a gorgeous evening at Higgins Beach in Scarborough. I had the extreme pleasure of photographi[...]

California Adventures {Personal Share} | Maine Photographer

Last weekend my entire family flew from all over the country to southern California to celebrate the wedding of my brother Pete, and my seriously cool new sister-in-law Erica. You know you are a professional photographer when you get back from vacation and have over 600 photos, but feel like you didn't shoot much while you were away. It was a busy busy weekend, with m[...]

A Walk on Mackworth {Personal Share} | Maine Children’s and Lifestyle Photographer

Saturday was a dreary and wet day here on the coast of Maine. My husband had to work all day, and my daughter's morning began with the passing of her beloved fish, Charlie Brown. After a brief burial, we scooted off to get her ears pierced, something she has been working to earn for weeks, which was able to give us a little happy on an otherwise tough day for her. On [...]

{Puddle Jumpin’} | Yarmouth Maine Photographer

At five and a half, one of Molly's favorite things to do is jump in puddles. Today could not have been a better day for it, as the rain poured down and our backyard became soggy and mildly flooded as it often does in the early spring when it rains a lot. So when we got home from school, I told her to go put on a pair of pants she doesn't care too much about, and her f[...]

{Personal Share: A Trip to the Farm} | Maine Lifestyle Photographer

Last weekend we had the opportunity to spend some time with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law Maggie and Jake at their home in Massachusetts. One of the things Maggie wanted to do during our stay was take my daughter Molly to a few local farms. We went to Jane & Paul's Farm in Norfolk where Molly enjoyed feeding the goats and exploring the greenhouse, and then h[...]

{Personal Share: Spring in Maine} | Maine Children’s and Lifestyle Photographer

Happy First Day of Spring!! It's been a rough winter here in the northeast, and to say we are ready for spring is a bit of an understatement. But you can't change, what you can't change, so you might as well have a little fun with it. :) Molly and I had our own fun last weekend, much to the curiosity of our neighbors, I'm sure. Enjoy! :)