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2020 {The Favorites} | Maine Family Photographer

Well hello, end of 2020. You are long-awaited, and much anticipated, and while I know the challenges we all are facing will not go away when the clock strikes midnight in just a few days, I am going to smile and wave as I bid you adieu from the safety of my couch on Thursday evening. We all know this was a year unlike any other, and the rollercoaster ride was felt by [...]

Mindbridge {Headshots} | Portland Maine Headshot and Portrait Photographer

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet the incredible faces behind the incredibly important work being done at Mindbridge in Portland. If you are not familiar with their work, let me take a minute to fill you in, because what they are doing is so important, and they do it so well. Mindbridge is a non-profit, focusing their time and energy on connecting the sci[...]

The K Family | Cumberland Maine Family Photographer

I was originally supposed to photograph Megan, Adam, and their five kiddos back in October, but when a work conflict had us reschedule, they decided to reschedule in December, and hoped for snow. As our date approached, I wasn't sure they'd get their wish, but Saturday's nor'easter brought a dose of the white stuff, and these guys had a beautiful snowy session at Mowf[...]

The 366 Project {2020} | November – Maine Family and Lifestyle Photographer

Month 23. Wow. I cannot even believe I am one month away from completing two full years (and three total years!) of this project. I am so excited (like all of us, I imagine) to be approaching the end of 2020, and also excited to take the time after next year to look back on what has no doubt been the craziest year of our lives. November brought shorter days, a lot les[...]

The HD Family | Saco Maine Family Photographer

It's hard to believe that we are already at the eve of Thanksgiving, 2020, and I am so excited to share today's blog post and my final session in November. What a month this has been, my busiest November to date, and I am feeling extra grateful on this day before Thanksgiving for all the clients I have been blessed with during this crazy year. I first met Jenny, Ryan,[...]

The B Family | Yarmouth Maine Family Photographer

I always get excited to meet new Yarmouth families. We live in a small and pretty tight-knit town that is well-loved by its residents, so to be able to meet and photograph fellow Yarmouth people is always a special treat. On Saturday I met Andie and Erik, along with their two girls Elizabeth and Victoria, and Andie's mom Michelle. We had the session at their beautiful[...]