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The P Family | South Portland Maine Family Photographer

Every October, if we're lucky, we get a weekend or two with unseasonably warm temperatures, reminding us that summer still wants to hold on just a bit longer. This year, we were lucky enough to have this happen over the long holiday weekend, and lucky me, I got to spend it on a stunning evening at Willard Beach with the P Family. These guys recently moved to Maine, an[...]

The S Family | Wells Maine Family Photographer

Oh, I'm so excited about this one. Because until about a few hours before this one happened, none of us were sure it would. I was supposed to meet the extended "S" Family on the day that the remnants from a tropical storm were set to hit Maine. The morning was dark, dreary, wet and windy, but by the afternoon, the sun miraculously began to shine. Knowing this was our [...]

Calin {Class of 2021}, Just a Tease | Yarmouth Maine Senior Photographer

A few years ago, one of the students I worked with told me about Madeline Point here in Yarmouth. It was crazy to me that after 10 years of living in Yarmouth, I had never heard of this spot, but after some exploring, it has become a favorite for my family when we need a little time by the water. Other than for my own family, I've never done a session at Madeline, so [...]

The M Family | Cape Elizabeth Maine Family Photographer

As photographers, we spend a lot of time photographing families in gorgeous places on gorgeous evenings. So naturally, when its our turn to get in front of the camera, we pray that we are blessed to have one of those evenings we get so excited for our clients to have. Spring and her family were my second photographer family this summer. After the killer evening I had [...]

Weekend Teasers! | South Portland and South Berwick Maine Family Photographer

Um, holy cow, what a weekend it was in Maine this weekend. For the middle of October, it felt more like early September, and the collective mood boost in southern Maine was apparent on the faces of everyone out and about. I was fortunate enough to have two sessions this weekend, with two families who were so lucky to be blessed with warm-weather sessions in the middle[...]

The CN Family | Georgetown Maine Family Photographer

In the nine years that I've worked with Ingrid, Allyson, Miles, and Lydia, we've had pretty good luck with weather, except for maybe once where we braved some drizzle at the Audubon. Waiting in the car for them to arrive at Popham a few weeks ago, I was legit worried. The wind was whipping so hard that the car was shaking, and I couldn't imagine how much worse it woul[...]