{Steinberg Custom Designs} | Southern Maine Commercial and Home Photographer

About a year ago, I tried my hand at something new, as I spent a day photographing beautiful kitchens, mudrooms, and bathrooms with Sarah from Steinberg Custom Designs, and Tina from Organize Your Life. In that first day we tackled four homes, and worked our butts off getting images ready for Sarah’s new website. A year later, we did it again, photographing another four amazing kitchens and mudrooms last Thursday. Once again Sarah’s work did not disappoint and my jaw was on the floor as we walked into each space. The second home in particular was fun to see, as we photographed it in progress last May. We started in Cumberland, headed to South Portland, then to Higgins Beach in Scarborough, and ended the day in Saco, where I also was able to photograph Sarah’s work with the amazing work of Morningstar Stone and Tile, a company in Topsham who I have had the distinct pleasure of working with over the past several months as they have built their new website as well.

Some of my favorite things about Sarah’s designs are her open concepts to utilize light, her gorgeous islands, fun lighting, and most of all, her gorgeous backsplashes behind the stove (each one is different!). Her designs truly fit each client (having met a few of them, I can attest to this), and it is amazing hearing what these spaces were like before she put her magic to work. Here are some images from our busy day. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and dream a bit.


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