Sarah and Isabel | Yarmouth Maine Family Photographer

I am so excited to share today’s mother-daughter (and pup!) session, because these two are so worth being shared. I have known Sarah and Isabel for almost ten years now, both as neighbors and friends. Sarah and I first met while walking our infant daughters (only two weeks apart), in our neighborhood, and since then have enjoyed many playdates and adventures with our girls (who luckily, became total buddies!). After a very challenging year, Sarah and Isabel are getting ready to move back into their new-to-them home, and in celebration of the end of this phase and the start of the new one, Sarah wanted to get photos of her and Isabel together. We met up at their rental property on the shores of Cousins Island, where we started our session, and then headed just up the street to Sandy Point Beach for some time at one of their favorite spots. I have always been amazed by Sarah’s never-ending positivity and zest for life, and loved capturing her connection with Isabel, who is becoming a sweet and grown up young woman right before our eyes. Here are my favorites from our evening together here in town.