{Puddle Jumpin’} | Yarmouth Maine Photographer

At five and a half, one of Molly’s favorite things to do is jump in puddles. Today could not have been a better day for it, as the rain poured down and our backyard became soggy and mildly flooded as it often does in the early spring when it rains a lot. So when we got home from school, I told her to go put on a pair of pants she doesn’t care too much about, and her face lit up like a Christmas tree. I draped a sweatshirt over my camera and braved the pouring rain to capture a few moments of her in her rainy-day element. She ended up soaked, and cold, with a smile on her face that lasted until she fell asleep not long ago, and I was reminded of the joy that is found in the spontaneous, a refreshing reminder in this fun 3-minute photo shoot on a rainy March day.

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