{Photographer’s “Shootout”} | Portland Maine Couples Photographer

When I decided to be a full-time photographer, there were a few things I knew. I knew I’d love my job. I knew I’d get to capture some pretty amazing moments in people’s lives. I knew I’d continue to grow and figure out my place in the industry. What I did not know is that I would also meet and become a part of a group of people that I am so fortunate to call both my colleagues and my friends. Maine photographers are a pretty special group. Not every photographer is so lucky to live in a state with a group of other photographers who support and refer each other, as well as collaborate and hang out on both a professional and personal level. On top of the day to day interactions, we also have meetings, and every once and awhile our meetings include some pretty awesome models, and our cameras. 🙂 Last week I participated in a “shootout” with my colleagues, and had so much fun working with them and around them as we all tried to get the most creative and meaningful photos as part of a “bragging rights” photo competition.

My group photographed two couples, Caitlin and Seth and Julie and Jeff. Both are real couples which gave us not only the chance to practice on real people but also allowed for real moments between real couples rather than staged ones between models who had never met before. I have to wonder how intimidating it must have felt for these guys to get all snuggly with each other with 5-10 cameras in their faces at all times and a bunch of people giving directions, but they did a phenomenal job and handled it beautifully. I really love the images I was able to get of both couples and had a blast working alongside my awesome colleagues and friends. Here are some of my favorites from our shootout fun.



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