{Pete and Erica, Engaged} | Maine Engagement Photographer

One of the hardest things about growing up is having the people who you are closest with grow up as well, and move far away. As kids, my brother Pete and I struggled to get along. At just 19 months apart we often argued – so much so that my mom would make us go days at a time without talking to each other at all. But in high school we became much closer, and after finally becoming friends in high school, I moved away to New Hampshire, and my brother joined the military, eventually ending up in southern California. It’s funny how the world works though, because had he not left home, Pete never would have met Erica, a native of the L.A. area, and the absolute love of my brother’s life. Next May they will finally tie the knot, and while they visited for my mother’s wedding a few weeks ago, we took the opportunity to take their engagement photos at the stream by our parent’s house in Hampden, and at our family camp in Newport.

If you know my brother Pete and you haven’t seen him in awhile, your jaw will drop to the floor when I tell you that out of all of my big crazy family, Pete and I are probably the most similar. And while his path may have been a bit different than mine, I get teary when I think about how far he has come and how proud I am of him as a brother, fellow entrepreneur, and husband-to-be to Erica. He is the incredible talent behind Stacks Custom Framing and Fine Art and has carved a path for himself that is unexpected and amazing. Erica is his perfect match – she calms his crazy and understands his wit and humor. She adds even more color to his animated stories, and has fit perfectly into our family since the day we met her.

I am so proud to share these photos and so very excited for my brother and fabulous almost-sister. I cannot wait to celebrate with them in Cali in May. Love you guys!

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