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Last year, just shortly after being vaccinated, my family and I decided to hop in the car and drive to Florida for my 40th. We knew 2022 would bring a big Disney trip (we’d been planning for over a year already at that point), but the thought of being vaccinated and being able to go to my favorite place for my 40th was tempting, so we drove down, did one day at the park and enjoyed time in and around Orlando with our friends. When we really started planning for this year’s trip, we fully intended to fly, but when my daughter asked if we could drive again, I didn’t hesitate to say yes (if you know me at all, you know how much I looooooooove flying (no.)). So a few weeks ago, we packed up the car once again, and headed south. I wish I could say this trip was as smooth sailing as the last, but we’ve got some stories to tell, including thinking our brakes totally failed as the sun rose in Virginia Beach (which, obviously did not stop me from getting a sunrise photo ON the beach 😂). After a harrowing interstate drive, we owe more than the $4 it cost to replace the caliper bolt to the kind workers at Autozone who diagnosed our simple fix, easing our worries that we’d need to leave the car in Virginia. The ride home brought an accident (not us!) that put the interstate at a standstill for over an hour (yes, people really do get out of their car, hang out, and toss a football!), and the end of our drive home brought us the dreaded, but likely inevitable Covid diagnosis. In between it all though, we had the vacation we so desperately needed – full of family time, sunshine, and our happy place.

We stayed at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort – a gem of a place to which we cannot wait to return, and enjoyed all four parks, the Skyliner, and Universal as well. Having been to Disney a few times now, and with my daughter a little older, I felt ok shooting less and being present more, which meant the camera spent more time in the backpack instead of at my face, only coming out for the moments I truly wanted to document with something other than my phone. After finally recovering from it all, I’ve enjoyed looking back this week, editing the photos, and reliving our adventure. Time together is so important for my little family, and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to get away from the craziness of it all for a little bit and be hypnotized by the sun and smiles of our favorite place.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give our planner, Preston Croteau of Mickey World Travel, a shoutout in this blog post. Preston is a friend and a client, and I was so excited to turn the tables and support his business by asking him to help us plan our trip. You can read my lengthy Facebook love letter to Preston and his services here, and you’ll also get a peek at the incredible cupcakes by Waterside Bakes which he had sent to our room on my birthday. Preston is FREE (yes, FREE), and invaluable no matter how many times you have been to Disney, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you are thinking of taking the trip!

Here’s to another amazing vacation in the books, some crazy stories, some immunity haha, and to being refreshed ready to tackle busy season. Enjoy the photos!


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